Just a little bit about ust
Junior began his career in the Elvis business about 18 years ago. Makes him sound "old" he say's , I just say
"he's seasoned" . Junior is by far the best Impersonator that I have ever seen.
 Though I did not know what he did when I met him. I thought that he had to be at the very least an Elvis fan!
Junior and I met in 2003. It was a fluke meeting. I was new in town and not knowing anyone, I wasn't in the market for a relationship. That being said Junior and I happened to be in the same pub one evening. After I got off work that evening a few girls were going to Karaoke and asked if I would like to join them. I was to say the least reluctant , but went anyway.
Sitting down to a table and listening to some very obviously thirsty people get up and sing! I had a tap on my shoulder, a lady asked me if I would follow her, she had someone who would like to meet me. I told her no thank you, I just moved here and I'm not interested in meeting any men just yet , but thanks anyway. she looked horrified and said that the gentleman was a friend of hers and he would NOT take no for an answer ( from her !). So to save her the trouble I agreed to go and tell him myself.
She walked me up to a Very handsome
man who looked as though he had stepped straight out of the 50's! 
He stood and extended his hand in greeting and stated his name was Junior Talley and he was happy to meet me. I looked at the woman who introduced us in sheer amazement I suppose, because she giggled and walked away ( as if  to say I told you so ). 
Sticking to my guns as I always have (tried).
I told the VERY handsome man that I was not interested in meeting anyone at this time. He laughed.
Can you believe it!? Then he asked me for my number. I thought I'd show him and gave him a fake number! And calmly nodded to him and left the pub.
All the while laughing to myself, thinking that he wouldn't be so coy when he found out that I had given him a fake number! LOL
Needless to say if you know Junior that this did not detour him from trying again. 
I came to work for the next 10 days to find him sitting at the end of the bar watching my every move!
You can imagine how hard it was to ignore him and do my job! A few days in he would badger me, telling me that he would make me fall in love with him if it was the last thing he did. And I have to say that it worked!
But not without a few minor set backs!
Junior asked me on a date. I agreed, until I found out what time he wanted to go on this date. He had heard me talking to a customer about wanting to be a kid again and how life is so fast paced. So he told me he would pick me up after I got off work ( at 2:00AM!)
and our first date would begin. I said no way!, but he asked me to trust him ( OH MY ). I agreed and he drove us to the city park ( which I am pretty sure was against the law at that time of morning ) and we played on the kids toys and laughed and talked till sun up. 
The Creep didn't call me for three days and when he did I hung up on him! Finally I agreed to listen to his reason, ( he had a bad back and was in bed with a slipped disc from all the fun playing on the playground.

tOk so the rest is history, and I fell madly in love with the most loving and romantic man in the world!

But that's not The End of the Story!

Press Clips / PhotosPromos
 Junior Talley &
Jumers Casino and Hotel
Commercial Jan 2010
Junior had a blast making these commercials, about 
8hrs to make a 30 second commercial!  He laughs about not wanting to EVER be in the movies!  ....all jokeing aside the people at SILVER OAKS  Communications and the people at Jumers Casino and Hotelwere awesome!
Junior Talley:
Junior Talley began his career as an "Elvis impersonator" in 1989 where he entertained a hand full of business owners for a Chamber of Commerce.
Where through the applause and reception of the audience made Junior's simple love of singing Elvis' music turn into a life-time career and passion for entertaining.

 "Winning several annual talent contests was the first rung on the ladder" says Junior. Then he had the
esteem that it would take to go the next step.

In 2001 Junior started appearing at Casinos Nationwide including: 


2009 - 2016 Jumers Casino and Hotel Rock Island, IL
Diamond Jo Casino - Dubuque, IA. Mississippi Moon Bar
Rythum City Casino - Davenport,IA.
Isle of Capri Casino - Bettendorf, IA.
Terrible's St. Jo Frontier Casino - St. Joseph, Mo.
Terrible's MarkTwain Casino - La Grange, Mo.
Terrible's Lakeside Casino - Osceola, IA.
Bluff's run Casino - Council Bluffs, IA.
Golden Eagle Casino - Horton, KS.
Prarie Band Casino & Resort - Mayetta, KS.